Our starters

The starters and appetisers served at our Trattoria are all made from fresh, high-quality ingredients. We care about serving our customers only the freshest seasonal produce.

Our guests are able to taste succulent sausages, salami, traditional Bolognese mortadella, chicken breast with balsamic vinegar, excellent Parma ham, Speck bacon and many other delicacies

Our menu of starters and appetisers includes:
- Sausages;
- Bolognese mortadella;
- Salami and Speck bacon;
- Chicken breast with balsamic vinegar;
- Parma ham;
- Fresh salmon with pink pepper;
- Savoury cheesecake;
- Vegetable Pie;
- Goat's cheese with rocket;
- Roast beef with balsamic vinegar;
- Wild boar ham;
- Goose breast with chives;
- Bresaola dried beef with artichoke salad.

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