Our side dishes

The main courses are complemented by delicious and tasty side dishes, prepared with top-quality fresh raw ingredients.

We always prefer to use products in season, which can enhance the taste of the dishes.

Our side dishes include:
- Sweet and sour onions
- Spinach in butter

- Chips, oven-roasted or fried

- Mixed salad

- Tomatoes au gratin
- Sautéed porcini mushrooms

- Aartichokes

- Mashed potatoes
- Chicory
- Asparagus
- Green beans
- Peas
- Sautéed peppers
- Fried porcini mushrooms

We also serve grilled vegetables, such as:
- Treviso radicchio
- Belgian salad

- Tomatoes

- Courgettes

- Peperoni

- Porcini mushroooms

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