Our main courses

Second courses- game, fish and meat-based dishes (using fully traceable meat)

Our restaurant specialises in game-based second courses, prepared in keeping with the region's tradition, following cooking times, using genuine ingredients and in particular ensuring the quality of the meat we serve our patrons every day.

Trattoria Leonida offers guinea-fowl, hare, wild rabbit, wild boar and pheasant either braised, stewed or salmis served with polenta, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, grilled or boiled vegetables and many other side dishes to choose from.

In addition to game specialities, every day our kitchen prepares second courses based on fish and meat, both hot and cold dishes containing beef (Florentine, fillet, entrecote) lamb (roasted or grilled peppery 'scottadito' style), veal, chicken and pork.

Depending on the season, on our tables you can find fresh mushrooms (porcini, morel mushrooms, honey fungi, chanterelles, mousserons, royal agaric mushrooms) and black and white truffles.

Our menu of second courses includes:

-  T uscan Florentine steak
-  aubergine, tomato and cheese parmigiana

- casserole with porcini mushrooms and meatballs
- baked porcini mushroompie

- turkey nuggets in balsamic vinegar

- pork chops

- rabbit in balsamic vinegar

- Bolognese-style cutlets (with Parma ham and Parmesan cheese)

- Milanese-style breaded cutlets

- grilled chicken breast

- scaloppine (small beef slices) with porcini mushrooms

- scaloppe (beef slices) with artichokes

- beef with mushrooms
- Leonida's chicken supreme

- veal paillard

- beef entrecote

- veal loin chop

- fried veal brains and zucchini

- fillet strips with rocket

- ggrilled peppery 'scottadito' style lamb

- grilled fillet

- green pepper fillet

- fillet with porcini mushrooms

- mixed grilled vegetables


Wild game specialities:
- Hare with polenta
- Boar with polenta

Boiled meats:
- Mixed boiled meats with green sauce

- Cotechino sausage with mashed potatoes

Fish specialties:
- Marinated salmon with rocket

- Fresh salmon with pink pepper

Cold dishes:
- Caprese salad

- Piedmontese bresaola

- Roast beef with balsamic vinegar

- English-style roast beef

- Carpaccio with rocket

- Roast beef with green pepper sauce

All served with excellent side dishes, such as:
- Grilled vegetables
- Radicchio

- Belgian salad

- Tomatoes

- Aubergines

- Courgettes 
- Bell peppers
- Sautéed porcini mushrooms

- Artichokes

- Mashed potatos

- Chicory

- Asparagus

- Runner beans

- Peas

- Sautéed peppers                                                          - Fried porcini mushrooms

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