Our first courses

First courses-typical Bolognese dishes made from fresh homemade pasta

Trattoria Leonida serves typical Bolognese first courses, many of whichare specialities made with fresh handmade pasta drawn out using a rolling pin, just as our grandmothers once did.

Only high-quality eggs and flour are used and our sauces are prepared with simple, fresh and genuine ingredients from the local area.

Every day our kitchen prepares forty-five first courses - including consommé broth, gnocchi, tortelloni, tortellini, pappardelle and tagliatelle - with sauces based on game, meat, mushrooms, vegetables and cheese.

We know how to satisfy every diner in search of the flavours and scents of our regional cuisine with:

Our menu of first courses includes:

- consommè broth with tortellini;
- potato gnocchi with butter and tomato;
- potato and spinach gnocchi with porcini mushrooms;
- potato gnocchi with gorgonzola cheese;
- vegetable soup;
- rice and fillet pieces in Barolo wine;
- rice with vegetables;
- rice with porcini mushrooms;
- penne pasta in arrabbiata spicy sauce;
- tortelloni with gorgonzola cheese
- tortelloni with butter and tomato;
- porcini mushroom and taleggio cheese tortelloni;

- Garganelli pasta with mushrooms;
- Garganelli pasta with vegetables;
- Garganelli pasta with prosciutto ham and peas;
- Gramigna pasta with sausage and porcini mushrooms;
- Tomato basil ravioli;
- Stricchetti pasta with sausage and peas
- Tagliatelle pasta with Bolognese sauce;
- Tagliatelle pasta with prosciutto ham and peas;
- Tagliatelle pasta with courgette and Speck bacon;
- Tagliatelle pasta with mince
- Tagliatelle pasta with prosciutto ham;
- Tagliatelle pasta with salmon;
- Tagliatelle pasta with porcini mushrooms;
- Passatelli pasta soup;
- Lasagna Bolognese;
- Tortellini pasta soup;
- Tortellini pasta with meat sauce;
- Tortellini pasta with cream;
- Pappardelle pasta with aubergine;
- Pappardelle pasta with sautéed porcini mushrooms;
- Pappardelle pasta with pheasant.

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