Our desserts

To finish off your meal, treat yourself to one of our desserts, a real joy for the eyes and the palate.

All the desserts offered in our menu are prepared with fresh carefully selected ingredients. Enjoy every mouthful and try out our fruit delights too.

Our desserts include:
- Paciugo ice cream;
- Mascarpone semifreddo;
- Zabaglione and coffee semifreddo;
- Cremino coffee;
- Caramel coffee;
- Panna cotta;
- Chocolate-covered meringue;
- Chocolate truffle;
- Mixed ice cream;
- Melted chocolate delight;
Chocolate and orange mousse;
- Chocolate cake;
- Trifle;
- Fruit cake;
- Rice cake;
- Fruit salad and seasonal fruits.

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