Naldi Dante, has been honouring the restaurant industry in Bologna for over 60 years.We sincerely thank the ASCOM Bologna retailers' association for this important recognition of our work.

Naldi Dante
Naldi Dante

Traditional Bolognese cuisine

The menu includes first courses of hand-rolled fresh pasta, such as tagliatelle and pappardelle, served with meat-based sauces, such as the famous Bolognese sauce or porcini mushroom or truffle sauce. The leading dishes in our cuisine are our main courses, in which our specialities are roasts, boiled meats and a variety of grilled meats - always served with tasty side dishes, such as oven-roasted potatoes and grilled vegetables.


Trattoria Leonida, a traditional Bolognese restaurant located on Vicolo Alemagna in Bologna's historic centre, looks forward to welcoming you and serving you traditional Emilian cuisine.

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